Disinfection Services and Disease Prevention

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SafeZone Services

Disinfection and Disease Prevention

At SafeZone, our primary focus is Disinfection and Disease prevention. We understand the fact that the spread of diseases in the United States could affect citizen’s health and quality of life.However, since the world is globalized, diseases can easily extend beyond borders and become a world pandemic.At SafeZone, we focus on indoor and outdoor disease prevention efforts. We do this by using advanced technologies and EPA & CDC certified disinfection supplies to disinfect your environment.

Disinfecting Your Residential or Commercial Space

We have teams of highly trained professionals who will disinfect your home, office,business, or building with safe and eco-friendly EPA & CDC certified disinfectants. They are experienced and safety-conscious. So, they will always follow the industry’s standard operating protocols to kill and remove a broad spectrum of bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Our Disinfection Procedures Include

- Before our professionals start to treat your property, they first wear all industry mandated and standardized Personal Protective Equipment(PPE).

- The next thing they do is to establish a decontamination area outside the home or office they are disinfecting. This is where our team members sanitize themselves and equipment during and after the treatment.

- Lastly, we establish interior containment to prevent the possibility of germs, viruses,and bacteria spreading during disinfection.You see, these three-step procedures is all it takes for our team of experts to disinfect your home and make it germs, viruses, and bacteria-free.

How Does Our Disinfection Services Help?

We are not just any disinfection company; we care about your safety and that of the environment. That’s why we use organic choice sanitizers and disinfectants to treat your home or business. Our team uses an electrostatic sprayer and a mist fogger machine to disinfect your property. We give attention to little details when treating your property, and we will treat your sofas, beds, chairs, countertops, cabinets, electronic devices,chargers, remote controls, clickers, door handles, railings, desks, tables, etc.