Disinfection Services and Disease Prevention

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We are a reputable disinfection and disease prevention company that provides virucidal services to our clients. Our services are tailored towards helping you prevent and control the transmission of infections and diseases. At SafeZone, we always get your disinfection project right the first time. That’s why we are outstanding in the industry. Over the years, we have been able to build our reputation for value creation, quality workmanship, and outstanding customer services.

This reputation has made Safezone one of the leading providers of disinfection and disease prevention services for different industries, including pharmaceutical, food processing, Research, Cleanroom, banks,restaurants, office spaces, universities, etc.At SafeZone, we understand that your disinfection project is unique, and we handle it ina way that creates value for money spent. We are a customer-focus company that places your needs above our profitability.

That’s why our team of experts always go the extra mile to decontaminate your facility following your requirements. Our customer-centric approach to business and our team commitment to excellence is what make us unique in the industry. We always deliver excellent results with our high level of professionalism, experience, and high-quality disinfection services.


As a company, we believe in the principle of team spirit because we are nothing without our team. Safezone is made up of highly trained, experienced, and passionate individuals who have backgrounds in nursing, epidemiology, public health, health sciences, physicians, and microbiology technicians. And they are Certified Infection Control Practitioners. So, we are part of your healthcare team working diligently to prevent disease and infection.Always remember that SafeZone is your perfect partner in your fight against infection.